Inertia’s all-encompassing flagship services are designed with the fast-paced, dynamic, and ever-changing landscape of sports, digital media, and technology in mind. There is no one one-size-fits-all solution for any athlete, brand, or franchise. Rather, the Inertia’s approach to use our expertise to read the current media landscape, dive deep into what makes our client unique, and integrate digital marketing and technology to create campaigns and solutions that are not just forward looking – they are progressing and cutting-edge. At Inertia, we are not just setting the standard for digital sports marketing, we are pioneering its future.


By combining marketing expertise with brand management and the ability to tell marketable, personal stories, Inertia helps athletes access their untapped career potential.


Inertia flagship service allow athletes to maximize their earning potential during their athletic careers and beyond.

Brand Creation & Management

At Inertia, we spend time with our athletes and dive deeply into their personality to help them build a desirable, marketable brand. We then maintain that brand over a long period of time through meticulous attention to detail and powerful outreach.


Athletes spend their careers in the public spotlight. Their reputation is everything. Inertia integrates all of their flagship services to provide reputation management, and should it be necessary, crisis management and reputation repair.


We operate in the busy but essential intersection between athletes, agents, teams, and brands. Conversations around sports and athletics have shifted – for good. They have left the worlds of printed media and cable television and become almost entirely digital, which where our focus lies.